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Innovation in Technology, City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh understands data is key to making cities smarter. Grant Ervin, chief resilience officer and assistant director for the Dept. of City Planning, sheds some light on energy and water conservation in the city of Pittsburgh. He gives Peggy Smedley a peek behind the curtain at what the city is doing to integrate smart [...]

Building Automation

Construction is helping rebuild smart cities including roads, bridges, transportation, utilities, and more. Peggy Smedley chats with Scott Smith, enterprise program manager and industry principal, OSIsoft, about building energy efficiency and what contractors should be thinking about to gain marketshare. He identifies drivers, ROI (return on investment), and examples.

Augmented Reality in Smart Cities

Brian Ballard, CEO and cofounder, Upskill, discusses with Peggy Smedley how AR (augmented reality) is changing how cities are built and how construction will use the technology. He talks about how it is going to help train people faster and help close the skills gap.

Realtime Asset Tracking

Construction is playing a critical role in rebuilding smart cities by managing and tagging unused physical assets. Austin Conti, CEO and founder, Tenna, defines physical assets in today’s connected city, explaining the biggest benefits of the technology and what construction companies need to know as they are building the smart cities of the future [...]

Smart Cities Are Here

Peggy Smedley addresses how cities are becoming testbeds to develop new technology in areas such as building and physical infrastructure, water and sanitation, energy management, and connectivity and mobility. She talks about how contractors, government, and tech companies need to work together to help make smart cities a reality.

Innovation in Technology, Aging Electrical Infrastructure

Peggy Smedley takes an inside look at new research from Purdue University that will help rebuild aging electrical infrastructure. An algorithm will help better link outages and the impact on the economy to help determine the best strategies for improving electrical infrastructure in the future.