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Innovation in Tech, Part 1, City of Orlando

Managing all the IT (information technology) in a city is a tall task. Rosa Akhtarkhavari, chief information officer, City of Orlando, tells Peggy Smedley how it uses technology to advance public safety and create a smarter government. She talks about how to connect all the systems together and to make for quicker and faster [...]

Someone You Should Know, Part 2, City of Orlando

Orlando is becoming a hub for innovation. Peggy Smedley is joined by Charles Ramdatt, director of smart cities, City of Orlando, to talk about how the community has evolved as a smart city in the past several years. He identifies hurdles and offers advice for others that might also be involved in smart-city projects. [...]

Augmented Reality in Smart Cities

Brian Ballard, CEO and cofounder, Upskill, discusses with Peggy Smedley how AR (augmented reality) is changing how cities are built and how construction will use the technology. He talks about how it is going to help train people faster and help close the skills gap.

Smart Cities Are Here

Peggy Smedley addresses how cities are becoming testbeds to develop new technology in areas such as building and physical infrastructure, water and sanitation, energy management, and connectivity and mobility. She talks about how contractors, government, and tech companies need to work together to help make smart cities a reality.

Learn IT, MIT

We are currently living in the dawn of the smart city. Peggy Smedley is joined by Carlo Ratti, director of MIT Senseable City Lab and founder of the Carlo Ratti Assn., to discuss what cities will look like in 20, 50, and 100 years—and what construction companies need to keep in mind for the [...]

Tech Update, Episode 3

Peggy Smedley talks about how the invention of the telephone transformed communication in construction; identifies the top three smart cities in the United States; talks about the most expensive cities for construction; and how one general contractor is using virtual reality to enhance safety. She is also joined by Joe Colistra, associate professor at [...]